Unsure Which Mushroom Supplement to Pick?

Dive into our comprehensive guide to discover the mushroom extract that aligns with your health goals and lifestyle, and learn why Performance Fungi stands out in quality and commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Why should I buy YOUR extracts vs another company?"

First and foremost, we are driven by passion, and we not only take the same extracts, but give to friends and family. We wouldn't give anyone anything we wouldn't take ourselves, and we believe our product is superior than many others on the market due to our dedication to potency.

Furthermore, we never dilute our extract for profits, we use 100% whole fruiting bodies grown in the USA, and we are extremely passionate about making the most potent extracts on the market.

We've been let down by other companies the past selling tinted water, and that's just not what we're about.

Yes, our products cost more by the ounce than some competitors, but you get what you pay for. Once you see the difference in our extracts, you'll never seek your mushroom supplements from anywhere else but Performance Fungi.

Learn more about our story, here.

"Why are extracts better than powdered mushrooms?"

This question is two parts.
First, some raw mushrooms need to be processed in order to unlock the active compounds within them and make them available to our bodies for use. Otherwise they're just excreted as waste.
Second, by extracting these the mushrooms, we concentrate the compounds in meaningful amounts that can be much more beneficial than consuming raw mushrooms alone.

"How much should I take?"

This varies on the person and need to need. If you're concerned about efficacy, you can
always start smaller and work your way up. Some people are fine with .5ML (half a dropper) - others prefer a larger dose. Some people skip days, which can be beneficial if tolerance is noticed.

"Do you ship internationally?"

We have shipped to 10+ countries without issue! Shipping may take
much longer than domestic USA deliveries, expect 2-4 weeks delivery to most international locations.

How do I get free shipping?

We have free shipping for all of our US based orders.

Unfortunately due to the high cost of shipping internationally we cannot honor free shipping for our international friends. Consider a bundle to save on the overall shipping total by getting more!

"Do you have subscriptions?"

Absolutely! Choose the subscription option from the product page you're interested in, and you'll get weekly, bi-weekly, or quarterly extracts to ensure you're never without your favorite extract.

"What's up with the bundles?"

Our bundles allow you to get subscription pricing with your choice of 6 tinctures. Pick 1 of each or choose 6 of your favorites. By buying more, you save more!

Discounts are applied automatically in the cart.

Bulk discounts?

Absolutely! Buy 4+ bottles to save 20% or buy a bundle of 6 bottles for even more savings, save $35 on bundles!

Discounts are applied automatically in the cart.

"What are your shipping times?"

We generally ship Friday (10 EST) of every week, if you need your order shipped sooner, please click 'Contact Us' and let us know your situation. We'll be happy to help with this!

"How should I store it?"

Room temperature is fine, but some people prefer to use the fridge, finding that the cold makes the taste better.
Either way works, just keep out of direct sunlight and be sure to shake well before use.

"Is your extract organic?"

While we are working on certification, our cultivated mushrooms are certified organic, and our inputs are organic. Our foraged mushrooms are as organic as it gets.

We are actively working on USDA organic certification.

"It burns!"

Our extract is a true 50:50 dual extract, some compounds are only soluble in alcohol, others, only in water. To get the most out of the extraction process, we combine the two at the time of bottling in a ~50:50 ratio (it does vary slightly from batch to batch) so this is to be expected.

We personally choose to administer a dose orally and then follow immediately with
either coffee, tea or a citric acid based beverage (Orange Juice, Lemonade, Limeade etc...) and this helps cut the powerful mushroom taste and minimize alcohol burn.

"Do you have alcohol free options?"

At this time our only product is tincture, however in 2023 we plan to expand our inventory to include alcohol free capsules for all of our products. Stay tuned for that!


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