We don't like to toot our own horn, so we'll let our customers toot it for us. While this website was launched in November 2022, we've been making mushroom extracts since 2021 and so many people have loved our extracts, that we decided to launch Performance Fungi. Below is a collection of rave reviews for our products!

  • Logan from PA writes:

    "Functional mushrooms saved my life when I got sick several years ago; and I knew then that it was ultimately going to be up to me to be my own advocate when it came to my personal health and wellness journey. This led to me discovering the world of mushrooms & fungi and everything that they had to offer. Having a background in life sciences and research, I sought out to find the BEST mushroom supplement company on the planet for myself and for those around me.  To loosely paraphrase Chris Farley in Tommy Boy, "Anyone can sell you a supplement; slap a label on it and call it an extract, but most of the time it's just a mushroom piece of crap!" 

    After a few painful years, I finally discovered Performance Fungi who have been more than just a dream come true, they have been life changing! Like your children, it's tough to pick a favorite, but I would have to say that their Lion's Mane and Reishi are definitely mine! Turkey Tail, Chaga, Maitake, and Cordyceps are still part of my ongoing and weekly health maintenance program. However, it's their Lion's Mane and Reishi that I use every single day. Thank you Performance Fungi for providing us with World Class products/education and for doing things the right way. Most importantly, thank you for saving my life, appreciate you more than you'll ever know!"

    Products Used: Lion's Mane, Cordyeps, Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Maitake

  • Spencer from AZ writes:

    Overall mental clarity is great. Typically I’ll forget minor things same-day if I don’t write them down, but lately I’ve been able to hold onto a mental to-do list which is pretty new to me haha. The Cordyceps in particular really helps me stay energized as long as I eat before taking it! I struggle pretty bad with fatigue so it is a life saver for sure!

    Products used: Lion's Mane & Reishi

  • Nicole from OR writes:

    I tried Performance Fungi after having tried so many different brands of mushroom supplements on the market. From capsules to extracts. You name it. It wasn't until I trued Performance Fungi that I quickly realized the quality of their extracts are top tier. The effects and overall goodness you get from Performance Fungi is like none on the market currently being sold. The people behind Performance Fungi are
    great people. I honestly will never go anywhere else for my mushroom needs. Thank you Performance Fungi. Try Performance Fungi. You will not be disappointed!

    Products Used: Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Maitake, Cordyceps

  • Ji from NY writes:

    Lions Mane: I have one at work and one at home just incase I forget to take it at home. I take it with my morning coffee and I’m on fire at meetings + feel super focused. Great product.

    Cordyceps: I been taking this with the cold and flu season approaching not to mention Covid. I haven’t been sick and pretty sure this has been keeping me healthy! Amazing product

  • Simon from OH writes:

    Have personally tried quite a few different tincture varieties, and have yet to find a higher quality extract. These are always much darker and visibly more concentrated than others I've had, have a clean packaging, and deliver on effect. Wonderful dude to support as well, made with love, and it clearly shows. Thanks again 💪

    Products Used: Lion's Mane & Cordyceps

  • Tristin in NM writes:

    Hands down, the Performance Fungi Reishi and Lion's Mane are the best products out there. The Reishi helps me relax in the evening, and the Lion's Mane gets me fired up for work during the day. I even got a promotion at work after I started taking it for being more attentive and getting more done in my day to day. I highly recommend anyone try either extract. Performance Fungi extracts changed my life, literally!
    Products Used: Lion's Mane & Reishi

  • Kailyn from TX writes:

    OMG the Lion's Mane from Performance Fungi has revolutionized my life. I am self employed, and after getting Covid I was looking for something to help with the brain fog and general lethargy that came with it.
    I saw an Instagram account offering tinctures and having bought some of his grow kits in the past I decided to try his tincture after seeing how fired up he gets from them and WOW. Within 5-10 minutes of taking it I feel amazing, and I'm able to get through all my work in the day easily. I highly recommend their Lion's Mane tinctures to anyone who's struggling to focus or stay motivated. 10/10 A+ extracts!
    Products Used: Lion's Mane

  • Josh from OK writes:

    Performance Fungi was generous enough to send my father Turkey Tail (for free!) after a cancer diagnosis. I can't say how thankful and surprised we were that they offered it for free. We're continuing to support Performance Fungi with their top notch Lion's Mane extracts as well as their Turkey Tail. You can see the quality difference in the dropper compared to other store bought companies. You can't go wrong with Performance Fungi and I will always support this company! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!
    Products Used: Turkey Tail & Lion's Mane

  • Phil from PA writes:

    My wife and I have been using Performance Fungi tinctures for about a year now. I've had a couple brain injuries and the lions mane helps me stay focused on everyday tasks. My wife has hereditary high blood pressure and the maitake is helping keep that in check. I highly recommend any of their tinctures for daily use. Put it in your coffee or tea in the morning and carry on with your day.

    Products Used: Lion's Mane, Maitake